Caseflow Reader

Caseflow Reader is a document reviewing tool that allows Veterans Affairs attorneys and judges to quickly and easily annotate large case files.

Our research goals consistsed of
  • Identifying painpoints with the existing document reader
  • Identify any bias that lawyers and judges may have when reviewing files
  • Understand how lawyers and judges are categorizing the types of documentation

The two types of research we conducted:
  1. Observational studies and usability testing
  2. Card sorting

Before Caseflow Reader was built, attorneys and judges had to go through a legacy system to find a Veteran’s profile and claims folder to review all relevant documents to a Veterans case.
Existing System
Claims folders can consist up to tens of thousands of heavy PDFs and the current systems required users to click through each document individually. 

In order to understand our users’ mental models and pain points, we mapped out the workflow for judges and attorneys and identified where we believed our products will be most impactful
Caseflow Reader

After user testing with a pilot and beta group, Caseflow Reader is now being used by 800+ judges and attorneys at the Board of Veterans Appeals.